My name is Miha Čačič. Better known online by my moniker, Project Mike.

I’m a part-time Software Engineer, a part-time Physics Student, and a free-time Essayist.

I am developing ideas about productivity, learning, and mental health. Since 2020, I have been officially developing my philosophy, which I call The Philosophy of Complete Personal Thriving.

I have been blessed (or cursed) by relentless curiosity. I need to do something creative, or I will wither away. I am experiencing an endless stream of ideas, which need execution. Because I have always been a one-man-army, I need to thoroughly learn complex and unrelated skills fast. This was, and still is, the primary reason why I’m interested in productivity and advanced learning strategies.

I currently have three big ambitions

  • Write articles and record videos to share my knowledge and further refine ideas about my Philosophy.
  • Improve many existing Android Applications and produce a series of Mobile Games – designing the story, drawing the props, composing the music, and programming the game all by myself.
  • Improve my Blacksmithing Forge in my backyard and learn how to forge Swords. Because… who doesn’t like Swords?