Hello, fellow human. Since you were able to navigate to this site, I assume you have a brain. As do I. This mushy tissue is a fantastic tool of ours. Like all tools, it’s easy to use but difficult to use well.

If you’re anything like me (and I assume you are), then you at least like the idea that there are some ways of using our brain that are better than others. There is a way to use our minds to learn faster, improve our mental health, solve problems more efficiently, communicate more clearly, and build civilizations.

Never before have humans been so interested in improving their brains as are today, in the technology age. The reason is simple. You either learn fast and thrive or stagnate and wither away. Luckily for us, smart people and many self-improvement blogs & channels, have already started to pave the way for this new discipline. But it is still very young. The concepts are not well defined, there is no structure, no reliable connections between ideas, and no clear step-by-step way to apply the methods in your life.

And that’s where this blog comes in.

I have learned a lot in the last few years, reading and testing out ideas about productivitylearning, and mental health. I don’t claim to know it all, but I do know enough to pinpoint which ideas work and which still need refining. And that is what I will do in this blog.

Among other, you will find my novel ideas, improved old ideas, and many step-by-step guides & templates to implement them in your life.

I will be actively applying everything I write about in the many domains that have sparked my interest: physics, software engineering, composing orchestral music, painting, and even blacksmithing. Every once and a while, I will write a full report on the successes and the failures of my projects.

Since I’ve only started this blog in April of 2020, it is still rather small. I suggest you first learn more about me by visiting the ABOUT page. There you will get to know the reasons for starting this blog. After that, you can go and read some of my ideas on the BLOG page. Categories on the right will help you find what you’re interested in. If you have an interesting story, idea, suggestions, or an article to share, feel free to send them to me via the CONTACT page.

Best of luck.
Project Mike